New brand logo and global name

June 20, 2024

On June 20, Betoya will revamp its brand logo and global name.

Thank you for your continued support of Betoya, a pho restaurant that brings you the traditional taste of Vietnam.

As we enter our fourth year as a brand, we felt it necessary to more clearly express our values and have spent several months working on a new brand logo and global name.

The new logo expresses the following

Hands: The care and attention to details that we value in bringing authentic Vietnamese cuisine to customers around the world.

The curve of the noodle: representing the shape of Vietnam and at the same time the softness of our iconic food, “Pho”.

Waves and bubbles: The simple yet powerful energy of Vietnamese cuisine that leaves a deep impression on people.

In addition, the global brand name was redefined as VIET ORIGIN.

Until now, the Japanese name “BETOYA” was translated directly into Vietnamese Kitchen, but as BETOYA grew, we decided that we needed a new name that would be accepted internationally. In our search for our values, we came up with the name “VIET ORIGIN”. We are a Japan-based company that provides services to customers around the world. Although we are based in Japan and serve clients around the world, our deep roots lie in the thousands of years of traditional Vietnamese culture.

We will continue to evolve beyond the status quo and continue to bring the best and most authentic Vietnamese cuisine to our customers around the world.